Brokerage Services

Expeditious service is our prime goal, and with our trained staff, Percy H. Davis Ltd. Customs Brokers can offer prompt customs clearance. Although our offices are located at strategic locations in Saskatchewan ( at North Portal, Regway, Regina, and Saskatoon), we have the very latest in computer technology allowing us to clear shipments at any port in Canada by EDI.

Percy H. Davis Ltd. Customs Brokers can act as consultants in all aspects of international logistics and process your claims, drawbacks, remissions and appeals expeditiously. We can cut the red tape in clearing your materials and products for exhibitions, shows, conventions and other types of temporary importations/exportations.

Services include:

  • transportation logistics
  • customs import/export clearance
  • import and export permits
  • drawback and refund claims
  • exhibition specialists
  • container service
  • AMPS appeals
  • information on AMPS and other recent CCRA programs and regulations